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My love of dreams so sweet, my life to you ,
I give in love and trust my vow is true,
On this day of all our days two hearts are one,
My dream, my love I give,
Dancing with you.
Every wind that blows to you carries my love,
Bird songs are loves song born from above,
Soaring high above the clouds,as on eagles wings,
Flying to the one I love,
Dancing with you.

My love is a rainbow spanning the sky
Stars shine above for my love and I,
All of creation sings of our love true,
Holding you forever near,
Dancing with you


If you would like to listen to a nice piece of music while you read this
try Dances with Wolves from the film of the same name

Heather Denholm
10th March 2007 ©

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The Final Farewell  

This great south land where we all dwell this country is our own

We welcome strangers from far lands to join and call this home

Where we from all the nations come and freedom is our aim

To make ourselves a brotherhood this land of peace our gain


May peace and joy be yours this night great peace of heart and mind

May love abound to all around, the world be peace tonight

For man at war with man knows not the song of peace we sing

Hold hands tonight a stranger nought to heaven prayer we bring


The time has come, farewell to thee I bid thee say goodbye

The Day has gone and night is here, fare well my friend I cry

Fond mem-or-ies still will linger on, I’ll visit with thee still

In memories mind, the future find, in this final farewell



In this land of peace of the southern cross

From red dust desert, to wide oceans grand

As all races dwell, we all are free

May peace joy and love abound

In Aust-ral-ia Australia fair……….


the sun sets on our southern land its light reflects the way

We live in harmony, hold hands declare our peace today

For man at war with man knows not the song of peace we sing

Hold hands tonight pray heavenward

Rejoice in peace rejoice

rejoice and go in Peace farewell ……………………….

alternate cut off farewell add (go in peace farewell )

 Heather Denholm


the tune that inspired this is The Final Farewell by Thorne

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