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AUSTRALIA : Patriotic poetry

I’m an Australian


Oh I’m proud to be part Scottish with the flag of white ‘n blue,

I named our first son Andrew, even before I knew

The heritage within me, or my husband yes its true!

My friend at school was Scottish and she rolled her r’s with ease

And before I’d finished primary school I could pass as a Glasweege

Now I’ve found that I’ve some English and Irish within me

But Australian is what I am and what I’m proud to be


I am proud that I can live, in the greatest land on earth

Australian is what I am and what I’m proud to be

My forbears came by convict ship as convicts and as crew,

Some even chose to come down here to start their life anew

And on the open land so sparse they settled down to raise

A family large and children came their humble home to bless.


But blessing has so many sides in a land so harsh as ours

As children died and crosses grew like trees upon a plain

Then grandchildren blessed their life! to keep the family name.

The Irish, Scottish, English all blended within me

To make me a true Australian, as Aussie as can be.



Yes I’m proud to be all Aussie and to live in this land, free!

So neighbor, if you don’t like it take my advice and leave.

But if you like our way of life and are happy to fit in

Then become an Aussie just like me, from where ever you have been,

You learn the language English, and you speak it all the time,

If your loyal to neighbor, government, and God it ‘s fine

For you to stay here in this land the best on earth

And you promise to uphold our way of life, and all its worth

To me it is my freedom to say these words to you

Your freedom is to leave this place if you don’t like it , its true,

I never will apologize for my patriotic ways

because I find I’m not alone in these terror days

We don’t want trouble were to laid back! were Australians after all

but if you threaten us well fight back hard as only Aussies can.

The Digger Spirit will come out in every man, woman and child

You will find this Digger spirit , rise, like it did in days of old,

The legend of the Aussie, who just wouldn’t lay down and die,

We came from convict and soldier stock and that gives us a reason why

We can say with pride in this Great Southland it’s the best place on earth to live

You can settle here and my neighbor be if in peace you want to live.

So pledge your love to God, honor the flag , and obey the Government laws

Serve King or Queen or President (what ever be the name)

Then Australia will truly be ours. From what ever land we came

But don’t call me a racist, because I’m proud of who I am

My color doesn’t matter cause to  God we’re all the same.


 Heather Denholm




We are “so over the rain” we don’t want any more so please can you stop it from raining?

We have been stuck indoors for many a day and watched the old movies while winging,

‘Singing in the rain’ seemed a good lurk, but the actors they never got wet!

I tried it outside and all that I got was soaked and a cold in my head!

The rivers run high, and they cover the ground of the main street in town,

Now everything’s wet right up to the eaves, and the furniture’s floating around,

There is mud to the ceiling, and snakes in the roof, and a crock it was seen at my door,

The crops have been ruined, the tractor is dead, and farmers are now really poor.

“We are so over the rain” now everything’s gone, under water and silt by the ton!

The river’s still rising, the peak will come soon, we are told ‘twill be here in the morn,

The houses are too wet! We will never go back, and live in the flood line again,

But we will stay in town we will move up the hill, and build a new house, with a lawn!!

On the hill the rain poured, and it thundered and rolled, and flowed down the hill to the road

So my house smells all wet, if the sun doesn’t shine I’ll be searching my house out for mould!  

Pack up your umbrella, the big and the small, the one with the handle that flashes!

Have faith the rains over and the flood will subside, “were so over the rain” and galoshes!




The wind echoes through the grasses

and the music it plays on

'tis the music of the people

'tis the music of the land

for the ocean laps unhindered

on the shore at Yarrabah

the water sings a song of history

sadness past for dwellers here

in the water quite resplendent

is a shipwreck as a reef

out of place in setting peaceful

a single bird its wings out stretch

Yarrabah tells of the people

bought away from tribal homes

many went to meet their maker

crosses in the grass alone

rows and rows of wooden crosses

standing in the long green grass

show the sadness of a people

tears of white in green walk past


now the children play contented

underneath the spreading arms

laughter rings among the people

A future then for Yarrabah

 Heather Denholm

Jan 2010


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