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The weekend at Bruce Rock was great; a lot of laughs were had,

The sleeping was communal, but it really wasn’t bad,

At night for entertainment, lots of PJs hove in view

With frogs and hearts and hippos, and plain old navy blue.

The band as well, were colorful, with green, red and Maroon

We even had a blue one on her very own

The players harmonized as well as any we have heard

Without united practice, if you weren’t there take my word.

The people of Bruce Rock excelled themselves, and we all can say

That country hospitality is alive and well today

With food laid out for miles and miles the hundreds were well fed

And then we had some supper before we went to bed.!

Most country towns are crying out, for help in dry drought times

But Bruce Rock welcomed, and reached out, to Vets of Vietnam

Back to the Bush the Vets all went, and that meant to Bruce Rock

Many took their families, and others took their dog.

They came on Bikes, their Harleys, with tents for sleeping in.

Some came in cars and 4 wheel drives bringing caravans along,

There were also many busses decked out to be a home.

At the back I saw a one-man tent out on his very own.

The footy oval had transformed into a sea of white

Aussie flags were flying proudly above everyone each night

The feeling was the same from the eldest to the young

I wouldn’t want to miss this and I’m glad that I could come

On Saturday the march past and the rain it tumbled down

But it couldn’t put a dampener on those troops that were in town

They marched with pride, they marched for mates

remembered thou long gone,

For two long blocks down the main street before they turned around

And marched down to the church, where they all crammed inside,

To stand in silent reverence some their feelings could not hide,

While someone lit a candle and placed it gently down

At the window of remembrance in the Church in Bruce Rock town.

The entertainment at the camp continued on that night

The mattresses were moved away to give every one a seat

And even room for dancing, on some not to nimble feet

The county music played along, with rain on iron sheet.

The very best that happened was two Vets proudly became

Australia’s newest Aussies,Advance Australia Fair was sung

With so much might and feeling I thought the roof would lift

Then they gave them both an Aussie box including Vegemite.

That night when we all went to bed a tired but happy bunch

We wondered if we’d have the strength to rise much before lunch

But round the 5 am mark as I turned, to sleep, oh no!

A smoky perfume drifted in, breakfast was on the go

The bacon sausages and beans and even eggs “in “ toast

Oh what welcome to that day!! I would like to thank our host

The people of that little town that hardly makes the map Bruce Rock,

it is the big heart town and Yes! I will be back!!

Heather Denholm

5th November 2006




I googled up the words Bruce Rock and got heaps of information,

Bruce Rock I found is far from dead it’s a little mini nation,

I read that you are 2875 kilometers from Canberra

And folks just let me tell you that is to your advantage!

Bruce Rock is picturesque you see, people come here for vacation

For there is no hot air in Bruce Rock, like the Capitol of our nation.


Your town had a run of heroes and characters like Bruce,

I’ve even heard that Wally was a legend from this place,

And with all the new facilities up and running well,

Well Bruce Rock you can be real proud, your town is doing swell,

Yes it’s true you gave some land away so more families could come,

And businesses are prospering a good variety you have shown.


Your Amphitheatre is unique I told my dad about it,

And then I found it on the net and read that you designed it,

You’ve sport and swimming pools and golf and

Farmers, trades and families

Who love this town for I can tell I read so much about them.

But sure the highlight of the year is on here each November

The B R Viet Vets back to the Bush is on, time to remember.


The towns is looking good this year with new brickwork on the road

The shops all open in a row and the verandas all bull nosed,

Bruce Rock spruced up and ready, and everything’s in gear,

For there has been a whisper round your friends are getting near,

The motor homes arriving motor bikes and caravans

The tents are being pitched on what was one the football ground.


The first time that this happened there was room for many more

But now the oval is nearly full, is an overflow in store?

The Vets all look to see their mates to see who has arrived

They know that some won’t come this time, Last year a last goodbye

Last year I said I would be back, and here I am I’ve come!

And I’ve bought the whole band with me

For you wanted more than drum!


I know I make a lot of noise, but some melody was needed,

So all the Challenge Band have come just so I’m not embarrassed!

Oh I said last year I would be here now you just have to find me,

Yes I’m in the Challenge Band, with Pete,

No up the back, behind there,

Yes right next to the drum kit with all the strange odd things

That make the sound effects sometime like Glockenspiel and Tims..


I’m sorry about the march past for me the drums too heavy

I find that I can’t carry it and at the back I’d tarry

So Pete will bang the drum and you can hold your head, up high

Be proud you served your county well, and Pete will keep your stride.

And ‘I’ll be back” a big man said, but he didn’t really mean it

Not half as much as I do now, 2008 is getting closer

When we get home our web master will post it up Anon

Only 360 more days to go till Bruce Rock again is on.


Heather Denholm

Nov 2007



The members of the CHALLENGE BRASS BAND,

Would like to thank our hosts,

For doing such a bang up job,

Once again you are the most!

Your founding father never could

Have done a better job,

But he wasn’t good at organizing,

Though he found water for you mob.

Some how I know your people, organizing this “shebang”

Will get together soon and start organizing once again,

For if you didn’t plan the whole thing One year in advance,

It would not run so smoothly, it would never stand a chance

Of ever getting of the ground. without a “reccie” in advance

To the people of Bruce Rock, You really are astounding,

In organizing everything and patience too, abounding.

I wonder could you share with me the kilos that you buy

Of steak and snags and bread and stuff you know supplies!

For even 20 kilos would not go far with this mob,

Oh you buy it by the trailer load, it is a whole truck job!

Well CONGRATULATIONS to you each,

You each should get a medal

For going far beyond the call, but that’s not why you do it!

For comradeship and honor, and friendship is the thing,

That brings you at this time each year to start it out again.

Bleggy 2007




This year I’ve bought a friend with me and he is in my pocket

I wanted him around by neck but he won’t fit in my locket

But up till now my orphan friend has never had a name

But you know I really like this town, So now that’s going to change

I’ll introduce you to my friend, he has a lovely face

All shinny, clean and smiling, well exactly like this place,

For you show to all Australia that you honor all the men

Who went to fight in Vietnam, some never to return,

You give the Vets a friendly place where they can reminisce

Can share a week together, and can down a friendly glass

Then head back home at weeks end, To where some don’t want to know,

There to wait on till next year comes and then return, and so

Right now I name my little rock with the lovely shinny face

Rock Bruce” in honor of this place.

Bleggy 2007



We are of on a small bus to Bruce Rock,

With the overflow few in the van,

We are towing the trailer with Sousas aboard

We’ll get there today if we can.

This poor little bus with the tow on

Is not a real happy young lad,

But we just passed a car and we cheered rather loud,

It was driven by someone’s Granddad

Now Geoff just tapped me on the shoulder,

With a look on his face that clear said,

That something vital had been left behind

So I’ll tell just what Geoff did.

Well not so much did as didn’t

For he put in the drum and the stand

His music stand he passed out of the door

But he said he can’t play and stand.

For Geoff has a nice padded stool

Where he usually sits when he plays

But not today folks, for he’s left it behind,

In the store room! So he'll use mine today.

We have seen quite some interesting places

The green sign we just passed has one word!

MAWSON it said quite succinctly,

Not entering leaving just BOLD,

So I looked really quickly for MAWSON

It was there just behind the green sign;

One house on its own not a few in a row

And not even a dog on the lawn.

SHACKLETON to is a small place,

With just one historic site,

A teeny brown bank from the days back when gold

Was dug up around there each night,

Now the bank was safer than “houses” ,

For its size bought it lots of fame

‘Tis the tiniest bank in Australia

3 meters by 4 is its frame.

But we arrived at Bruce Rock on that Monday

And we played while the Shire unveiled

A plaque to the Vietnam Veterans

The young ones who never came back

The dignitaries stood and saluted

The National Anthem was played

But no one stood prouder than the men of that town

They remembered their mates who had died.

Heather Denholm





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