A Tree Grows And Poetry

my poetry


At Christmas time we celebrate, give gifts and eat too much

We write out cards and send them,  at 60 cents a touch,

We spend time with the rellies, some from near and far,

The Christmas rush can get at us and we wonder where we are.

Have I got a gift for everyone, at work and those at home?

Have I posted of the cards OK, will Nana like the Gnome?

Have I wrapped the gifts? Cooked the food? Do I have a table centre? 

The red and green I used last year! So this year I?ll use silver!

Is the dog ok will he get scared if someone bursts a cracker?

Will paper plates be strong enough and should I use the crystal?

How will I keep the flies away if we eat in the yard?

Maybe we need to eat inside; with 29 it will be hard!

If it is hot where is the fan the one we used last year?

Oh it broke last April!  What will we do? Oh dear!!

I find at Christmas it?s so hard to get it all ?together?

Have I forgotten something, can I control the weather?

Oh goodness me I did forget the thing I should remember

It comes round just once a year the 25th day of December!

The reason that we celebrate, and dress in green and crimson

The baby Jesus, born today, the reason for the season!


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