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The Waiting Room Blues


I am sitting in the waiting room; I am patient while I’m there!

I spend so many hours just sitting in a chair

They said be here at 11, so I came in at 20 to,

I was greeted at the desk, take a seat please do.

So I sat down and waited, the clock then showed half past,

So instead of falling of the chair asleep, I just grabbed the last

Magazine on the table, it was only 8 years old,

Not bad I thought, at least it is younger than my dog!

I read it cover to cover; I had read it here before!

So I made a note to carry a book so I’m not bored,

I walked around a little bit, but others waiting stared,

And before I knew it someone came and pinched my chair!

So now I had to lean against the wall or walk about,

Then I noticed, no one going in and no one coming out!

I was going to ask reception, she was busy on the phone,

But where are all the others, for I’m almost alone?

Where are the doctors? I asked at 2, (my nerves a’ shredding!)

Oh there has been an emergency and 3 are at a luncheon

The shocked look upon my face, got her memory comprehending,

I’m sorry,! your doctor has left for the day, and he left at 10 to 11!

What will I do what can I do I travelled for 50 ks,

And on public transport and stood most of the way!

Oh I will put you in real quick, now let me see, what day?

Yes! the next appointment you can have, is just.........

                                    ...... 6 months away!


Heather Denholm July 2011

Written while waiting, in a public hospital waiting room, or should I say public hospital waiting corridor.


DUST the final ending


It is said when we expire and they send us to our end place,

“ From dust you came,' so somberly,  “to dust you will return,”

For all is dust around us you are the earth below,

We are sorry you have left us, and so to the earth you go.


Now once after a funeral, when I was very young,

I had listened to the words they said, when they placed him in the ground,

When I got home I lost my ball and so commenced to look

It was then I found HIM underneath, yes underneath some books!


He was there I tell you, on that day, in the corner of my room,

In a dust pile near my favourite book, so I sat and studied him,

I talked to him and asked him what's it like to be so dead?

But I didn't get an answer as I lay upon my bed.


Then I remembered he was deaf, mum said "as a door post!"

I didn't know how deaf that was, but I'd give it a shot,

I raised my voice and yelled real loud, enough to make him hear,

But I got an answer from my mum, and she made me swear.


So I got my mouth washed out with soap cause what I said was bad,

Then sent back to my room again and told to sweep it up!

I found that day, that dust can be, a dangerous thing indeed,

So when I die I don't want to be dust! just cremate me please.!



Bleggy ©

20th July 2011

 written after reading another poem about dust and cleaning. 





Well I'd like you to meet Annie, she's our little Shih Tzu pup

She is white and fluffy cuddly, well mostly that's enough

And when she's had a haircut and a bath and trimmed her nails

A brush up nice and clean now, for a minute anyhow,

For sometimes our darling Annie with her teeth so Shih Tzu like

She likes to gnaw on things and I don't mean her toys

There's my slippers and my hand bag all chewed around the edges

And me husbands wallet and the money that was in it!

And then I saw my leather shoes all chewed and looking motley

With little teeth marks round the edges and doggy dribble on the laces

They were me best out walking ones and now what could I do

To try and hide the mess they were I'll let my pants hems down!

I'll let them hang down on the ground well it is the modern look!

But now the ends are fraying from dragging in the muck!

And so to our small fur ball I own my dashing look

Of chewed up bags and shoes all frayed and trousers with torn cuffs.

But when our Annie falls asleep what an angel she appears

She lies upon her back and has her four legs in the air

Until she is quite dreaming and then she lies spread eagle

With her legs out at the edges like a tiger mat unfurling

It is then that we forget all the things that she destroyed

The socks and t shirts in the bin and the toys with out the stuffing

With her pointed Shih Tzu teeth she does shred apart

Anything she can in sight, except what's in our heart.


Feb 2010

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