A Tree Grows And Poetry

my poetry

After the Fires


 There's a story I'll tell you of 2 young boys

who grew up in the south of Tasmania,

they were 2 red head angels, never did any wrong !

that's their story and I will stick to it.

one day while the 2 wandered home from school

a new steeple caught their bright eyes,

with a twinkle in each and a look full of cheek,

The two red heads decided they'd try,

yes they would be the first to climb up to the top

of the steeple and check out the bell!

but they would be so careful so no one would know

if the bell rang, then some one would tell!

so their school bags they hid in the bushes out side

and in they snuck, how would they climb it?

but a workman had left a ladder behind

it went half way up ok lets do it!

up the ladder they went, and then grabbed the bricks,

and shinnied their way to the top,

the view it was great as they saw with relief

as they stuck their heads out through the top!

the bell rope hung free but as careful can be

they jumped to the top of the ladder

and the bell almost swung but by golly and gum

their prayers answered, The wind didn't ring it!!

not a word did they mention when they reached home

their mother would have had a fit ,

and not only that if she knew where they'd been

their back side would also be clipped.

They hurried their homework, said

mum it is done can we go out and play in the yard?

Yes but you know the rules stay out of the garden,

and no climbing up on the shed!

In the yard they rolled round on the grass in a fit,

their mum didn't know what they did,

and to this very day these 2 boys kept quite

and no one knew what they kept hid.

Now is this story true well between me and you

I will tell you a teeny secret !

the church was St Marys in Moonah Tasmania

the boys were my Dad and his brother .


Written for Dad

by Heather

Sat 29th May 2010



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