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On Getting Older


When I was turning 60

My family and friends suggested

That I should get a seniors card!

What was I old! Neglected!

Well after giving it some thought,

I decided well why not!

If the government was giving some thing away

I will line up like a shot.

So I put in an application,

Had it signed by a JP,

And then a copy of my birth certificate

They wanted just to see!

A name change? Yes I did!

What you need that proved as well,

I nearly changed my mind then!

And sent the Senior Card to …..

No but the thing was free!

And I wondered if I'd use it,

Would I be game to say how much

I'm a Senior now! discount it!

Or would I ever get on a train,

To travel free just scan it,

And so admit to everyone

I was 60 or more, would I use it?

But then the card came in the mail,

With Department of Seniors emblazoned,

Would they believe I was 60!

I opened it with trepidation,

But there it was in green and white,

To use, yes at my leisure!

So I raced to the bus and got on

at stop 60 and got off at stop 61!

So for now I'll be a senior

And get a discount and free fares,

I'll save up all my pennies,

For a trip overseas some where!!

Heather Denholm

Zazz Poet Laureate 


............From The Zazz Poet Laureate........... 

This should be read with plum in mouth while looking down the nose, 
Through pince-nez reading glasses, I will have to borrow those! 

I have been made the Poet Laureate; I will not let you down 
For this means, I will jot a verse, when someone drops the crown, 
Or for any Royal occasion, for Republicans a headache! 
I will celebrate with rhyme and verse the occasions that we all make! 
I have joined the great elite of Lord Tennyson and Chaucer 
If I think I’m good as Wordsworth, I’d better think again, I orta!! 
Appointed for my life time as Poet Laureate for Zazz 
A great honour that has been bestowed on AnniesMum, it has!! 
And my borrowed pince-nez glasses, have now pinched my nose! 

On a shopping site that has a forum my title is now Zazz Poet Laureate so I wrote this just for fun

  Tuesday 18th Jan 2011

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