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..the Australian Postage Stamp


I have found that postage stamps are a really useful sticker 
The post office sells hundreds but we no longer use a licker 
A stamp can be quite decorative or really rather boring 
But what they are real useful for is putting on the corner 
Of gifts sent to the grandchildren and cards for Aunty Joan 
Those poor old souls without the net, who mostly live alone, 
But one really great, great reason to use a sticker stamp. 
Is parcels delivered to from the net ,
 cool things like a mini amp. 

But I read a story recently about the newest stamp kit 
It’s not a peel off sticky one but one you need to lick 
The people found that the stamp just would not stick on 
So the Government paid heaps of money to find
 the reason. 

The result they found was simple; it would not stay in place, 

Because they found that people were spitting on the face. 

Heather July 22nd 2011




 The 8th deadly sin

I saw him Friday on the freeway in my mirror far behind
He was heading fast toward me with his headlights on full beam
And the car was bouncing madly it looked as if it was un-sprung
As it raced up on the freeway and he weaved, as up he came
His lights bounced up and down as he progressed, wove in and out
And in a short few moments I thought he could wipe us out
But as he came behind me and he swung out one lane
I can’t say how fast he traveled but my speddo said the ton
Then He swerved in front of me to go around the car in front
And ‘twas then I saw his number plate he sure knew what he drove
For the number on his plate in black said these 2 simple words
On His little black convertible he called the car SIN 8
So he knew about the other 7 like Greed Avarice and pride
But his little black SIN 8 was much more deadlier indeed
For not only could it kill him, a family he could decimate
And some innocent bystander could suffer for his SIN 8
So I write this to warn others of this stupid driver here,
Who knows the risk he’s taking but likes taking it I fear
And I fear for other driver and pedestrians alike
Who perchance might meet this idiot in the dead of night
So when you drive watch out for him in his number black
Grim Reaper would be a better name for him than SIN 8.

Monday October 13, 2008
written in my head in the car then put on paper when I got home


Minnie mouse

Last night a quite small friend of mine passed to another place

Her name was Minnie,... mouse that is,... her brand rubbed off her face

So long ago I just don’t know from which factory Minnie came,

She lived with me a long, long time, a faithful friend of mine.

But last night in the dead of night poor Minnie’s light went pwew!

She used to flicker red and green, pink, purple, gold and blue,

She scrolled up the page and down again with such delightful glee

You know I really think that Minnie was happy to work for me.

She loved to sit so comfy, in the palm of my small hand

She was such a perfect fit we got on really grand,

And then last night when Minnie died I went to put her down,

T’was then I realised Minnie mouse was stuck in my right hand!

I sat and contemplated just what this really said...

It meant of course that Minnie mouse was really truly dead!

And now I must replace her with some big clumsy monster,

That hardly will be called a mouse more like will be a hamster

So good by little Minnie mouse, your flashing light so cheery,

If I continue in this vein I just might get quite teary!

I’ve put my Minnie in a bag and she is in her coffin

That big green one the garbos take each Wednesday morn' at seven.


written while having lunch an the day Minnie died and was buried


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